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Who and What are Jerol

With close to 30 years’ experience in technical plastics, Rolf Jernström founded Jerol Industri AB in 1999. Today, Jerol is at the forefront of the production and development of composite utility poles through our successful pairing of Swedish concern for safety and technological development. Environmental responsibility and individual safety are the common threads throughout our operation.

Jerol poles stand for safety and durability, and with little-to-no maintenance costs the calculated lifespan of each unit is well over 80 years.

Today there are 18 people developing and producing our products in Tierp, just north of Uppsala, for distribution across Europe.

The entire process, from raw materials to finished product, begins and ends at our factory in Tierp. The primary materials are glass, polyester and polyethylene. The glass arrives in the form of fibreglass thread and the polyester by tanker. Production is largely automated with the required labour being performed by 5 to 7 people per shift.

Lighting Columns

Developed in 1999 to meet the need for a lighting column that was crash friendly, maintenance free, and durable. We have conducted over 50 full scale crash tests and calculations in accordance with European Standard EN40.

Sign and Signal Posts

Crash friendly posts according to the current demands for cost-effectiveness and longevity. These posts have a calculated lifespan of more than 80 years and can be adapted to all existing traffic equipment. Our posts have been tested in over 50 full scale crash tests and are CE certified according to EN 12899.