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How 20mph Speed Limits Help

There are many young people outside schools daily at the start and finish times. Where 20mph speed limits outside schools exist.

Lots of research has found clear evidence that decreased traffic speeds can reduce casualties and collisions. Collisions happen less often and when they do happen there is far less risk of a fatal injury.

20mph speed limits introduced elsewhere across Great Britain have provided many benefits including health benefits through increased walking and also cycling, as well as the quality of life and local community benefits.

Signs & traffic calming

Where the average speed is considered to be sufficiently low, 20mph limits have been introduced using signs only. There will not be any additional traffic calming measures (such as speed humps).

This is because the national research and practice have shown that where the average speed is at or below 24mph, signs alone will be enough to ensure drivers comply with the new speed limit.

Additional traffic calming measures will only be considered where speeds remain significantly higher than 24mph 12 months after the introduction of the new speed limit.

Schools in residential areas see the introduction of a 20mph speed limit will have positive benefits for local residents at all times of the day, weekends and during school holidays. 24 hour speed limits outside schools on residential roads is intended to be introduced.

Most locations advisory speed limits which make clear the association with a school will be effective in achieving the appropriate speed. Some locations may need a mandatory speed limit introducing with a Traffic Regulation Order.

Variable speed limits will be introduced on main traffic distributor roads:-

  • 20mph limits during school start and finish times, Monday to Friday during term-time only.
  • 30mph (or appropriate) at all other times.

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