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History of Mallatite

Mallatite Plastics was formed in 1982 as a small plastic coating business and was acquired as a going concern by John Bowden in the mid-eighties. The business focus turned to the lighting

columns and signposts in the late eighties, pioneering innovative products and new  coatings which were becoming available.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Alliances developed with Dupont who were offering alternatives to PVC and wet paint options. ‘Levisant’ was initially trialled as a fore runner, to what is now recognised as the market leading thermoplastic product – commonly known as Abcite or PPA571.

With manufacturing sites in Levenshulme and Creswell, Mallatite grew to become the 4th largest column supplier in the UK. Throughout the 90s Mallatite’s column supply capacity reached 60,000 per year.

In the late 90s Mallatite Scotland was formed with Alan Paterson at the helm, opening the Scottish market to the business.



As a result in 2002 Hill & Smith acquired the business as a wholly owned subsidiary and shortly after, Alan Paterson took over as Managing Director, a role which he enjoys to this day.

During the acquisition of Metnor galvanising in 2005 in Chesterfield, by chance the factory unit adjacent was available – offering the perfect location for Mallatite as we know it today. A whole new approach was taken specifically to the coating process and modern machinery. Throughout 2006 the factory was set up and became operational in January 2007.

After initial teething problems Mallatite grew to be the leading supplier of coated columns in the UK with an output peak in excess of 120,000 columns a year. These were required to satisfy the 11 PFIs which were in various stages of completion, together with the existing customer base delivering quality products. Mallatite is now the leading supplier of tubular columns in the UK and supplies a full range of columns including aluminium, conical and passive throughout the UK.

The acquisition of Signature Limited (including Post + Column and Dee Organ) took place in August 2016. Signature was known as the industry leader when it came to delivering dependable traffic and lighting solutions, Signature used experience, innovation and determination to make UK roads safer and more efficient for everyone.

The four companies have joined together to become one united organisation, combining experience and service into one brand that is Mallatite – a manufacturer and distributor of traffic management and street lighting products.

The new Mallatite brand offers an extensive product portfolio that ranges from  bollards, sign lights, pedestrian equipment, signs, steel and passively safe posts and columns, signals and interactive signs, to airfield signals, bus shelters and subway lighting. Mallatite looks forward to developing with its customers, leading innovation for the market place going forward.


We are the UK's premier traffic management and lighting column manufacturer and distributor. With production facilities in Oldbury, Chesterfield and Inchinnan we deliver total solutions nationwide.