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The Lightweight Colour Light Signals employ an innovative low profile design which does not require any external hoods.

The integrated signal allows all 3 signal colours to be displayed through a single aspect. A 4 aspect signal can therefore be produced in a compact double aspect unit measuring only 935mm high, 600mm wide and 110mm deep.



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CLS – 1 to 4 aspect Weight; 15Kgs (3), 20Kgs (4) 400 x 600mm (3); 935 x 600mm (4) LW Post or conventional mounting


Complying to all standards and requirements, the lightweight 3 aspect CLS weighs only 15Kgs and requires no routine maintenance.

The units are backwards compatible and can be mounted on existing infrastructure or to VMS lightweight support structures that are quickly and simply installed without machinery. Structures are also offered for ground mounting and any height up to 5.1m, for cess-mounting or inter-track applications.

There are 3 standard configurations: 110Vac current proved, 110Vac volt free contact proved, and 24Vdc volt free contact proved.


A totally new approach has produced a system of lightweight signals and structures that delivers both high performance and significant cost savings


Primary drivers

Reduced initial costs of installation and infrastructure

Installed and maintained quickly and with minimum operational interference

Installed / maintained without plant equipment using people and people-operated “tools”

No routine maintenance

Minimum footprint

Minimum kinematic envelope for “inter-track” applications



Modular Programmes

New Renewal Programmes

Maintenance Replacements Lightweight or Conventional structures

Straight & Offset structures

Variable structure heights (up to 5.1m signal)



None expected (routine)


As mandated – test conventions, best practices and non-mandatory requirements



Setting and beam checking without climbing


Minimal number of standard parts

Easy transportation and handling

Configuration Minimal number of part numbers / units Modular units to obtain configuration


24Vdc and 110Vac Meet current LED light levels, readability, availability and life expectancy Backward compatible to existing and new system requirements Health Checks