Hinged Lightweight Signal Post

Hinged Lightweight Signal Post

Hinged Lightweight Signal Post

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Mallatite Limited is working in collaboration with Collis Engineering Ltd to supply a signal and post solution engineered for the rail industry.

The Hinged Lightweight Signal Post, created to minimize the need for climbing, incorporates a spring-assisted mechanism that facilitates the easy raising and lowering of the structure for inspection and maintenance of the signal head.

The post comes in four versions to ensure compatibility with existing and future signalling requirements.

Each version is deliberately designed to meet specific site conditions.

Variants include:

- Lightweight Straight Post
- Lightweight Offset Post
- Heavy Duty Straight Post
- Heavy Duty Offset Post

The configuration of this structure is tailored to lessen reliance on heavy trackside machinery, facilitating quicker and more cost-effective installation. Foundations are versatile, comprising either concrete or piles, and can be set up by a single crew employing portable equipment.

Collis posts are extensively deployed throughout the UK rail system, including regions with overhead line equipment (OLE) and DC electrification. The Lightweight Hinged Signal Post offers the UK rail network a structure entirely free from maintenance, designed to endure for 35 years. Combining this with Mallatites industry leading range of Signal Head designs, gives customers a comprehensive solution to their signalling needs.

Click here to view installation, operation and maintainance instructions.

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