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Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week

We are currently in the middle of the Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week. The United Nations is an international organisation, that was founded in 1945. It is currently made up of 193 Member States. The mission and work of the UN is to take action on the issues confronting humanity, including peace and security, sustainable development, governance, and more. The UN works with people and places all over the globe on a peacekeeping mission to make the world a better place.

As part of Global Road Safety Week 2017, we wanted to speak out about the importance of road safety and how Mallatite continue to play an important part in ensuring UK roads are safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

A large section of Mallatite’s business is Traffic and Road Safety products, meaning we don’t only understand the significance of safety on roads, we also contribute towards it.

The United Nations Global Road Safety Week is annual event is important to us and we are keen to spread the word so that together, we can make our roads safer.

Below we’ve listed three of our most innovative road safety products that have successfully been implemented on busy roads throughout the UK, to help pedestrian’s, schools and motorists experience more comfortable and safer journeys.

The SafeWay is a highly visible traffic sign with flashing LED beacons, demanding attention and ensuring drivers are made aware of the reduced speed limit and hazards in the area. Supporting the ‘Safer routes to schools’ initiative and the ever trending, #Slowdown, the SafeWay is controlled by a clever digital time switch. This means the sign is only activated when it is needed, (term time, start & finish of the school day.) and can be programmed specific to each school.

Our responsive speed control system, the TransCalm is designed for use on public roads. It reduces vehicle speeds to 20mph and below making it perfect around schools and residential areas. #20splenty
The TransCalm is a totally unique, patented, solution that alters its firmness based on the velocity of the vehicle passing over it. Compliant drivers and emergency vehicles travel softer, saving lives, reducing response times, and minimising potential vehicle damage.

The Primary bollard is a multi-use School Zone bollard that can display any type of sign or message in and around a school. Based on a pencil crayon design the bollard is child-friendly, highly visible and the perfect platform to deliver clear messages to both children and adults. It can be printed in any colour with any sign, logo or message.