Anti Rotational Clips

Product Description

The ARC (Anti-Rotational Clip) is supplied complete with 1 No. M8 bolt assembly. Fast, simple sign installations are achieved by inserting the ‘foot’ into channel, and twisting the clip through 90°. The other end of the clip is then secured by the bolt. Raised pips on the inner face of these one-piece clips help prevent sign rotation. ARC clips are suitable for all types of signfix Channel extrusions.

Mallatite clips enable signs to be fitted to posts of every shape and size. Signs manufactured using Mallatite products offer greater on-site flexibility as post centres are not critical and signs can be easily offset. Installations fabricated and erected to Signfix specifications comply with the requirements of BS EN 12899-1.

Stainless steel is a tough material and is particularly beneficial where impact resistance is important Signfix clips are manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel alloy. All the nuts, bolts and washers are also all made from stainless steel. The stainless steel fittings have been subjected to ASTM B117 salt-spray testing for 500 hours with no significant corrosion.

Extensive service life and laboratory testing has proven the benefits of stainless steel as a clip material because it is not prone to bi-metallic corrosion and because of its superior mechanical properties

Colour Co-ordinated

Although available from stock in stainless steel finish, Signfix clips may be powder coated to blend in with particular colour schemes, and to reduce visual impact in environmentally sensitive areas. Contact us on 0121 557 0234

Product Code & Specification


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