Product Description

SafeWay 20 mph flashing LED school zone traffic sign 

NEW Slim Design NOW featuring i gen technology 

The SafeWay traffic sign has been designed to highlight school zones and inform road users of the reduced speed limit at times when parents and children are in the area.

When schools start and finish, the surrounding areas can be a hive of activity. Rush hour traffic, congestion from parked cars and children trying to get to school are a particularly dangerous combination. Many local authorities are moving to a 20mph zone around schools. Mallatite support the ‘Safer routes to schools’ initiative, with the SafeWay. A highly visible traffic sign with flashing LED beacons, demanding attention and ensuring drivers are made aware of the reduced speed limit and hazards in the area.



The SafeWay is not just hard to miss, it's very smart too. The SafeWay is controlled by a clever digital time switch that activates the sign only when it is needed, i.e in term time, at the start and finish of the school day. The time switch is programmed with the term times specific to each school. The SafeWay delivers increased safety and flexibility, without impacting traffic speed when it is not needed.

  1. New slim design
  2. Easy Intallation
  3. Safer routes to schools
  4. Highly visible
  5. Advanced programmable timer
  6. Uses just 5.6 watts of electricity
  7. Low maintenance
  8. Advanced programmable timer



The retroreflective film on the SafeWay is a High Intensity Prismatic film. This is used on the road sign and provides a highly visible sign during hours of reduced daylight.

Corner Flashers + Power

The corner flashers are lit using LED’s. The SafeWay uses only 5.3 watts of electricity. This low power consumption from the LED’s enables the product to be available as a solar powered apparatus, plus other power options are available: 240v, 24v and 12v.



Different timer options are available, however the most requested is the pre-programmed USB method whereby up to 5 years of operational times and term dates can be pre set.


The SafeWay has been chiey used on the Safer Routes to School initiative, however the sign can be made with diverse

messages for other situations.

i gen technology

i gen technology can be accessed using a device that features a compatible Internet browser such as laptops, smart

phones and tablets. This remote connection allows the user to communicate with trac products. This is perfect for

programming trac safety equipment in areas such as schools where varying terms and times apply. This enables oce

based smart working, reducing the costs and removing health & safety concerns when teams are required onsite for

maintenance of street furniture. Should a fault occur a notication either by text or email will be sent to the

nominated user to alert them should urgent action be required.

my gen

Our cloud based monitoring dashboard has been leveraged utilising proven technology and experience in conjunction with the

Hill & Smith Group, plus additional bespoke features developed within the Mallatite team. Our market leading technology oers

real time monitoring and data logging of your assets.



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