Internally Illuminated Traffic Signs

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Product Description

Sleek, durable and efficient...

The TrafficSign LED is an internally illuminated traffic sign that has been designed to be both slim and vandal resistant, manufactured from 3mm aluminium, a strong polycarbonate lens, and an overall profile of just 70mm deep. 


Designed with advanced LED technology, the TrafficSign LED has industry leading lighting uniformity and energy efficiency, making it the perfect solution for meeting Carbon Emission targets.


  • Uses Just 5.5W When Illuminated (600mm Circle)

  • Long-Life Energy Efficient LEDs

  • Market Leading Uniformity

  • Low Voltage and Solar Option

  • Retroreflective Translucent Sign Face

  • Single or Back To Back (BTB) Aspect

  • Standard Sign Rail Mounting

  • Post Top Mounting Option

  • Easy to Install

  • Retroreflective Translucent Sign Face

  • Single or Back To Back (BTB) Aspect

  • Standard Sign Rail Mounting

  • Post Top Mounting Option

  • Easy to Install



Longer Life
LED manufacturers confirm a life in excess of 50,000 hours

Less Maintenance
Reduced maintenance costs due to the lamp life (above) of 50,000 hours, less heat attracting less insects and no lamp realignment necessary when comparing with Type A signs

Reduced Light Pollution
'Type A' sign lights spread light indiscriminately, our LED internally illuminated traffic signs just light the actual sign.

Lighter Weight
Conventional internally lit signs weigh around 8kg, the equivalent TrafficSign LED comes in at less than 5kgs.

Passively Safe
Less weight and elimination of 'Type A' lighting reduces effects of damage and increases safety.

Low Voltage and Solar Available
12 or 24 volt extra low voltage variants are available.

Automatic Dusk Till Dawn Operation















Lower Energy
Save around 80% energy compared to a conventional externally lit sign and 70% compared to a conventional internally lit sign.

Slim Design
Conventional internally lit signs have a depth of around 150mm, our internally illuminated traffic sign is only 70mm deep.

More Environmental
No fluorescent lamp disposal at the end of life, and less carbon footprint due to less maintenance visits.

Better Visibility
Most conventional internally lit signs do not have retroreflective material applied. Our internal illuminated LED traffic signs do have retroreflective material applied to give the signs improving light distribution and achieving better angular vision. Should there be a power cut, the sign will still be fully retroreflective.

Many Shapes and Sizes
Single or twin aspect 600mm, 750mm and 900mm circles and triangles.
Unique or bespoke shapes and sizes can also be accommodated.


Fully ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified by BSI across all our sites. We are also proud members of Members of the ARTSM, HEA, NHSS, ILP and HERS