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Once the 50x50 Retention Socket has been installed, the DuraFlex bollard is ready to be inserted into the socket. Using an Allen key, the plate covering the side chamber of the Retention Socket is removed. The compatible foot of the DuraFlex bollard is then inserted into the Retention Socket, a spanner is used to tighten the locking mechanism, which will then hold the DuraFlex bollard in the correct position. No further excavation will be required and you can simply, open the chamber, unlock the mechanism and insert a new bollard as and when required, in a matter of minutes.

The bollard is simply slotted into the Retention Socket and secured into place

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On occasion installation cages used for the mounting of Retro-reflective Self Righting Bollards can be damaged during a vehicle impact, this can bend or even shear off the threaded sections used when installing the bollard. It is then often necessary to excavate, remove and replace these. Retention Sockets are flush to ground level therefore cannot be damaged in this way.

Due to the increased efficiency when implementing the changeover of a DuraFlex Bollard into an existing Retention Socket, replacement may be able to be done with little or no traffic management. This should however be subject to a risk assessment by a suitably qualified person.