DuraFlex - Solar

Product Description

Solar DuraFlex a durable and passively safe traffic bollard that will rapidly return to a vertical stance following an impact

  • Single aspect
  • High power Cree LEDs
  • Automatic dusk to dawn operation 
  • Triple mono crystalline solar panels
  • On-board charge regulator protection
  • Accessible non-spillable lead acid batteries


Solar DuraFlex a durable and passively safe traffic bollard

With its internally illuminated sign face, intelligent charge regulator and on-board replaceable battery pack, the Solar DuraFlex is our most advanced retro-reflective self-righting traffic bollard. The new one-piece rubber foot prevents vandal rotation, whilst still enabling the bollard to flex through an impact and return to a true vertical stance time after time… after time…

Passively safe:

The Solar DuraFlex is a Self Righting Bollard (SRB), will flex under impact, and then rebound to an upright position. This minimises both the likelihood of injury or vehicle damage as well as the need to replace the bollard following an impact.

Installation options:

The Solar DuraFlex is easy to install using our foundation cage, NAL socket, or can be retro-fitted to any redundant base light.

Standard Sign Options:

Our traffic bollards are single aspect as standard, with the option of double or multiple aspects if required. We manufacture all our bollards at our facility in the West Midlands, which means we can apply any compliant sign face for use on the highway, and we can even make branded or bespoke sign faces for use off highway.


Fully ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified by BSI across all our sites. We are also accredited to ISO 17025:2005, giving us the ability to test products ‘in-house’, and in line with UMSUG guidelines, greatly reducing the time needed to bring new unmetered products to market. We are also proud members of Members of the ARTSM, HEA, NHSS, ILP and HERS