Universal Channel Clamps

Product Description

We offers two Universal Channel Clamp products for fixing all types and sizes of sign that incorporate channel sections to the rear. The clamps slide into the extruded channel sections and then accept Signfix stainless steel band or Tamtorque to facilitate the fixing of the sign to any size or shape of post, pole or column.

1 Piece Universal Channel Clamp

This highly versatile fixing will operate with band up to 19mm (3/4″) wide. As the band is tightened, its tensioned spring design locks it solidly in place, preventing any sideways movement.



2 Piece Universal Channel Clamp

The original two piece design features a saddle that slides into the Signfix channel. The UCC accepts all bands up to 19mm ( 3/4 “) and as the band tightens the saddle clamps tightly against the channel holding the sign securely in place.





Product Code & Specification

UCC00101 Piece Universal Channel Clamp
UCC00112 Piece Universal Channel Clamp

Fully ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified by BSI across all our sites. We are also proud members of Members of the ARTSM, HEA, NHSS, ILP and HERS