Banding Tool

Product Description

This banding tool is to be used in conjunction with our banding range of products. It accepts a maximum band width of 19mm, for step by step installation see ‘Technical Data’ on the right hand side tab.

Signfix Banding Tools are made from forged alloy steel, zinc plated for full protection against corrosion. The tools are guaranteed against defective workmanship and or materials for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The guarantee is conditional on the tools being well maintained and not abused in any way. The Regular Signfix Banding Tool has a tensioning capability of 2,400lbs and a built-in cutter. Permanent lubrication of the tension screw extends tool life and speed of clamping.

RW100Regular Hand Tool (for banding up to 19mm wide)





1. Push band through buckle teeth towards the

operator, ears up. Pass band around object and

again through buckle. (For best results repeat this

operation to obtain double banding). Anchor end of

band by folding back under buckle. Take up slack.


2. Place band in slots of tool and push nose of tool

against the buckle. Grip band with clamping lever

and apply tension by turning handle. Maximum

pressure is being applied when there is no

appreciable movement of band between nose and

clamping block.


3. Swing tool over buckle. This movement increases

tension of band and, to avoid breakage, handle

must be reversed slightly as tool is swung over,

whilst maintaining band tension. Cut band with

cutter lever and slide tool off in same position (or

tension will be lost).


4. Hammer ears down over cut band.




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