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Product Description


Airfield Lighting and Signals 

We offer our customers a full range of design and support services. From conception to completion our dedicated team work in partnership with you to deliver continuous improvement through product innovation. All our products are manufactured to meet current regulations for use on Airfield and Airport locations.


Airport Indicator CAT111

A Fibre Optic, LED or internally illuminated signs to indicate CAT I, II or Ill to the aircraft. Can be fitted with lamp monitoring and proving (back indication) contacts to indicate lamp failure.

  • BODY - Manufactured from Aluminium - fabricated and fully welded to provide vandal resistance and ingress protection.

  • PANEL - Vandal resistance Polycarbonate panel

  • VOLTAGE - 240V 50Hz Standard - other options available

  • FINISH - Powder Coated Black as Standard - other colours available OPTION - May be fitted with solid state flasher unit

Airfield Directional Signage and Docking Systems

Various options are available from Signature for Aircraft Docking Systems such as those used at Manchester and Birmingham airports.

  • Emergency 'STOP' may be initiated by Automatic Detection of aircraft (STOP can only be terminated from control tower)

  • Typical Operation through Marshaller - multiple 'plug-in' stations Automatic Night Time Dimming

  • The signal box is mounted on a pier wall so that this is visible regardless of pilot eye level. A dual message panel indicates STOP or SLOW together with Twin Red, Amber and Green 200mm Tungsten Halogen signals. STOP or SLOW legends are interlocked with Red/Amber signals. Duplicate lamps guard against lamp failure. The marshallers handset is fitted with flexible cable and connected into sockets at various locations (e.g. air bridge cab and apron level)




Technical Details

Constant Current System - Model available fitted with flasher to operate from the standard 6.6amp airfield constant current system J1/58, 100W lamps for connection to isolating transformer as GEC Type XT106, 100W or equivalent. Provides CM recommended 200 candelas down to 10% brightness.

Light Source Options

  • Standard (CAP168) Tungsten Filament 50W or 100W GLS High Intensity Tungsten Halogen 50W 12V(with two 240V transformers)

  • Extra High Intensity Tungsten Halogen 100W 12V (with two 240V transformers)

  • Airfield lighting Type - J1/58 100W

  • LED optics

  • Integral Transformer - fitted to each lamp (if necessary) to provide required supply voltage

  • Operating Voltage - Standard 240V 50Hz (other options available) Flasher - if required, integral solid state flasher or may be fitted remotely

Product Specification

LENS - 200mm Diameter Red or Amber (other colours available SIGNAL CASE - Die Cast Aluminium

FINISH -- Black or Yellow polyester powder coated

OVERALL HEIGHT - 270mm to comply with CAP168




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Fully ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified by BSI across all our sites. We are also accredited to ISO 17025:2005, giving us the ability to test products ‘in-house’, and in line with UMSUG guidelines, greatly reducing the time needed to bring new unmetered products to market. We are also proud members of Members of the ARTSM, HEA, NHSS, ILP and HERS