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We have a full range of LED retrofit lamps to upgrade your existing SON or SOX street lighting luminaire, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption and your maintenance costs.

  • Replace SOX or SON Lamps

  • Upto 400W

  • Variety of Colour Temperatures

  • ROI in less than 3yrs*

  • 5yr Limited Warranty

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Fast return on investment

A retrofit LED lamp is a more cost effective solution than replacing the entire luminaire. Plus with LED technology developing at such a rate, it can make economic sense not to invest too heavily in technology that could be out of date within five years.


Reduce your maintenance costs

SON and SOX lamps both require maintenance and based on 10 hours per night service will typically need replacing every 8-10 years, where as our LED retrofit lamps have a service life of over 13 years!
Plus our LED retrofit lamps can be installed as part of your re-lamping schedule saving £££’s in installation and future maintenance costs.



Keep your existing streetlights

By installing our retrofit LED street lamps you can up cycle your existing street lights and keep the aesthetics the same. Whether it's a heritage lantern or a Philips, Thorn or SOX lantern, we have a retrofit LED lamp that will fit.


Upgrade your CRI and light levels

Typically a 38W retrofit LED lamp with an output of 3,889lm at a colour temperature of 3,000K would replace a 100W SON lamp with an output 10,700 lm with a colour temperature of 2,000K and produce a similarly lit street.
We offer 3 colour temperatures: warm white (3,000k), neutral white (4,700K) and daylight (5,700k). This will allow you to increase the “whiteness” of the light produced without changing the whole luminaire.
It’s worth pointing out that the reflector and lens in the existing lantern will have a bearing on the perceived light levels and we recommend a conducting a trial to achieve the best results.


Save energy, now!

LED retrofit streetlamps use less power than their SOX or SON alternatives. By investing in our LED retrofit solutions immediate carbon and energy savings will be made.





SON lamps are very easy to upgrade to LED. Simply bypass the ballast, screw in the new LED retrofit lamp in the existing lamp holder and you’re done.

Active Cooling System with 70,000 hr Delta fan

  • Far superior to passive cooling systems
  • Allow lamp placement within enclosed fixtures
  • Operating temperature -40°c to +55°c




SOX or LPS lamps are easy to upgrade too. Remove the existing gear tray, replace the existing ballast with the supplied LED driver and install the retrofit LED lamp into the lamp holder.

Also available as a ready to install gear tray




LED Retrofit lamps Vs SON HID Lamps


Total Energy Cost Saved by One lamp for One year:£25.66
Number of years to recoup the cost of replacing SON (HID) with LED:2.42 yrs
Total Savings of Energy & Labour for the life of the LED lamps:£151,798.75
Number of years until relamping:13.70 yrs
Reduce Carbon used each year by:87.58 tons
Prices are for illustration purposes only. For a detailed quotation please contact our sales team.


 100W SON 38W LED
Lamp life40000 50000
Lamp cost£7.55 £61.09
Lamp Watt + 12% Ballast112 38
Daily operating  hours10 10
Labour£15.00 £15.00
Cost of kWh£0.10 £0.10
Number of lamps500 500
Total cost of lamps£3,775.00 £30,545.00


Annual Operating Costs

Lamp cost£0.69 £4.46
Labour£1.37 £1.10
Energy cost£38.84 £13.18
Total each lamp£40.89 £18.73
Total annual operating cost£20,446.84 £9,365.54


Estimated Savings

Total savings per year £22.16£11,081.31
Simple payback in years 2.42 
Return on investment 41.39 % 
Energy cost saving over life £351.50£175,750.00
Total savings over LED life £303.60£151,798.75
Annual energy savings( kWhr) 270.10135,050.00
Annual CO2 saved (Ton) 0.18 87.58
Prices are for illustration purposes only. For a detailed quotation please contact our sales team.