SlipOver Replacement Lighting Column

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Product Description

SlipOver Replacement Lighting Column

SlipOver columns are an excellent cost saving solution for replacing damaged or defective lighting columns, and as the name suggests, slip over part of the original column.
Each SlipOver column is designed and manufactured specifically for each location taking into account the type of column it’s replacing, and the area where it will be installed.

SlipOver columns are the perfect replacement for any damaged planted lighting column. Saving £100’s by removing the need to disconnect the existing column from the supply.


SlipOver columns are manufactured in steel, galvanised as standard, and are ready to accept various paint, PPA and PVC coatings to match the existing street scene.

  • No need to disconnect the existing column from the supply
  • Each Slip Over is specifically designed for the column it is replacing
  • Compatible with any aluminium, concrete or steel column
  • Does NOT rely on the existing root for strength
  • Efficient and effective solution






  • A site survey is carried out to enable our experienced design team to generate a calculation for the manufacture of the SlipOver column.
  • The existing column is cut off at the top of the door enabling the supply to be left in situ.
  • The area around the root is then excavated as per the design allowing the new column to ‘slip over’ the remainder of the existing column.
  • The stability of the SlipOver column is generated by the concrete infill specified in the design, and is not effected by the condition of the root or planting depth of the previous column.


The perfect replacement for damaged concrete lighting columns, compatible with aluminium or steel columns too...





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