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Signature Limited has been fully integrated into Mallatite

As of 1st March 2017, Signature Limited, Dee-Organ and Post + Column have been fully integrated into Mallatite Limited and will trade as one entity under the new Mallatite Brand.

Following the acquisition of Signature Limited in August last year there have been many changes as we join together to become one united organisation.

The last six months have been an exciting challenge – merging the two companies into one, and we are now in a position to combine both our experience, and service into one brand. Mallatite

“We are making an investment in Mallatite’s future growth and development as the leading brand for traffic management, safety and lighting by building on the strong foundation of our existing brand identities. All the core elements that made up the previous Signature and Mallatite visual identities are still there, but they have evolved into our new meaningful and contemporary styling as the sustainable street lighting and traffic management brand.”
“This new integrated brand is a platform for additional acquisitions planned for later this year” – Alan Paterson, Mallatite Limited Managing Director.

Sustainable lighting and traffic products
What does it mean? Sustainability is not just a buzz word added for effect, it is one of our key values.  We are an ISO 14001 accredited organisation and we use that framework to manage the impact of producing products and services on our environment. We develop and distribute products that have a positive impact. Not only are our products and services designed to make our transport infrastructure safer and more efficient, but our products are designed with a long service with the ability to be recycled at the end of that life, and in the case of our electrical products, reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption

Infrastructure led by Innovation
Our new slogan; “Infrastructure led by Innovation” holds an important message for us and the direction we will be heading in. We believe the new brand will enable us to better reflect our people, products and values, creating an exciting future for all involved.
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