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Replacing Obsolete Road Traffic Signs


The Association of Road Traffic Safety and Management (ARTSM), have published their most recent guidance document, Sign Savings – Replacing Obsolete Road Traffic Signs. The document, available for download, explains that the statutory “savings” period for many signs revoked by the 1994 Traffic Signs Regulations has now expired. This means that it is no longer lawful for such signs to be left in place, although many tens of thousands are believed to remain.

“When signs are superseded, highway authorities are allowed a period of grace, the ‘savings’ period, in which to replace them.”

Traffic signs for where the statutory saving period has expired are no longer lawful, and are more than likely an unlawful obstruction of the highway and are not providing proper levels of safety for the road user.

ARTSM has recommended that all local authorities that have not already done so, undertake an urgent and thorough review of all road signs for which they are responsible. Where a sign is still required, it should be replaced with its current equivalent, with the appropriate modern retro reflectivity class in accordance.

“Where a sign is still required, it should be replaced with its current equivalent, with the appropriate modern retroreflectivity class in accordance with the recommendations of the National Annex to BS EN 12899-1.”

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