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National Apprentice Week 2022

Our structures and lighting column production works are home to our semi-automated steel column manufacturing plant, root treatment and decorative/protective coating facility.We asked Hayden why he decided to undertake the Apprenticeship with Mallatite he told us;

“I chose to undertake an apprenticeship as I like the idea that you can learn how to do a job over a long period of time and develop the skills and experience required to carry out work to a high quality”


We asked Mark why he chose the Apprenticeship route and what he was enjoying the most about the course. He told us;

“At 24 I felt I had achieved no valuable skills and wanted a new start. It was the best solution for me as it has enabled me to change career paths and learn a trade, which is what I’ve always wanted behind me. I am finding the course brilliant and never thought I would pick up the skills so quickly.  My employer is very supportive, understanding, and helpful and I feel I am going from strength to strength”

We are very proud of both Hayden and Mark and believe Apprentices are essential for the future of our industry, so we will keep investing in them and seeing them to fruition.  If we want to skill and help encourage new talent, it starts at the very beginning.  Good Apprentice schemes lead to good workers, so we need to do our part to invest in the development and skills of today to become the workforce of tomorrow.

We would also like to thank Louise and Vicki at The Apprenticeship Levy Manager for their assistance in recruiting such wonderful candidates and the support they continue to give to Hayden, Mark and Mallatite Minor Structures & Products Limited.


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