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Lighting column training as part of Amey Target Zero initiative


As part of our commitment to H&S and our customers, last week we held a training event on “How to operate raise and lower lighting columns safely”, a brand new approach to installing street lights for Amey that eliminates the need for working at height.

The training was led by Tony Barker, our post and column Chief Engineer and General Manger, and Leon Pennington, our Sales Engineer for the North, on Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

We manufacture a full range of “standard” lighting columns and large base posts, plus we also have a range of “dynamic” raise and lower columns, the Elevator Base-Hinge and the Elevator Mid-Hinge. As the names suggest the base-hinged Elevator has the hinge at the base, is operated by a winch and is perfect for narrow paths (as pictured) as only 500mm clearance is needed at the rear of the column. Whereas the mid-hinged Elevator has the hinge half way up the column, and doesn’t need a winch meaning that columns up to 8m height can be operated with just a lanyard.

Our Elevator base-hinge lighting columns were installed at this particular housing estate and are the perfect solution to both site access and working at height issues. Additionally, both the base-hinge and the mid-hinge Elevator have built in safety and security systems to make operating them ‘ultra safe’ as long as the appropriate procedures, outlined in the operating manual are followed. The ‘hands on’ training was a fantastic opportunity to illustrate the safe process of use and for any questions to be answered.


The advantage:
The hinge enables the columns to be operated from ground level, eliminating working at height, making it safer for the installer. Additionally the base-hinge Elevator column can be broken down into manageable pieces and assembled on site, making it the perfect ‘tight spot’ solution when you can’t get HIAB access.

“It was great to meet all the Amey guys for the training last week. All of the Elevator range is supplied with a comprehensive operating manual, but that’s no substitute for practical training. Many of the guys were surprised to see just how quick and easy the columns are to operate, and how safe they are with the internal security lock. ” Tony Barker, Signature (Mallatite).

“The safety of our people is a priority for all of us at Amey and as part of our Target Zero initiative we’re always looking for new ways to help eliminate the risk of injury. By using this brand new approach, we can install and maintain new LED street lighting at ground level, eliminating the need to work at height as we previously have been doing, making it safer for our operatives.” Nick Marriott, Highways Electrical Operations Manager for Amey.