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Boosting Charging Infrastructure

The government’s new ‘Road to Zero’ policy launched in July is a positive move towards implementing charging infrastructure on a large scale and we have the ideal solution to help councils and local authorities meet the measures set out in the new strategy with our EV Charging Column.

Launching a £400m Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund, to help accelerate charging infrastructure deployment, the new strategy calls for ‘all new street lighting columns to include charging points, where appropriately located in areas with on-street parking provision’. The policy also commits to consulting on introducing a requirement for chargepoints to be available for all new homes built in England.

While councils and local authorities have previously been hesitant to implement charging point technology, due to a lack of demand, it is clear that there will now be an increase in the installation of charging points.

We offer a flexible solution that can be tailored to individual customer requirements, with the ability to incorporate a charge point into our street lighting columns, in addition to being able to offer stand alone charging posts. Ideal for city centre residential areas, where residents all rely upon on-street parking, our smart columns offer controlled charging over an eight hour period.

Compatible Type 2 charging leads, our EV charging columns are available as a single 600mm or 500mm version or alternatively as a twin door option for councils and local authorities to select from.

Hopefully, we will see that the new strategy and investment from the government is exactly what has been needed to give councils and local authorities confidence in implementing charging infrastructure and boost the uptake of charging point technology, which will in turn enable more electric cars to be on the road.

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