EV Charger - Electric Vehicle Charging Units

EV Charger - Electric Vehicle Charging Units

EV Charger - Electric Vehicle Charging Units

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Smart Columns – EV Charging Point

A charge point can be incorporated into our street lighting columns, allowing drivers of electric vehicles to simply pull up and charge their car through a variety of simple options.

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Public health concerns are adding impetus to the demand for electric vehicles. Cleaner air is a priority for government and local authorities. Charging infrastructure is critical for electric vehicles to become mainstream and for smarter cities to become a reality. To feel confident about switching to electric, drivers want to know they can find a charge point when they need one. 

Mallatite charge point solutions can be mounted on and powered by public street lighting, for rapid large-scale deployment. They can be installed on other public infrastructure, such as car parks, public buildings and local authority housing. 

Smart metering enables charge point operators such as local authorities, power companies, car manufacturers and commercial operations to generate revenue from them. Revenue collection services can also be supplied in addition to supply and installation of charge points. 

The units can be supplied to feature a brand name, logo or any design that may be required. Charge points are compact, self-contained units made from durable and weather-resistant solid stainless steel. They are low maintenance. Metering is located inside the charging unit. Software can be reset and updated via remote control. Due to their simple design, units can be replaced in less than 10 minutes. 

All our columns and posts can be made bespoke to your requirements, any colour or finish can be utilised to make sure your EV Smart Charging Columns make a visual impact. We can also offer additional column protection units should you wish to safeguard your charge points from accidental vehicle collision. 



Charge Current Rating Min 6A - Max 32A, Single phase Charge Power Rating Min 1380W – Max 7360W Supply Voltage 230VAC +10% -6% (216V – 253V) Required Supply Rating 8A to 40A


EV Charge Connector Locking EN 62196-2 Type 2 socket with cover flap Supply Cable Aperture for 20mm cable gland, rear or bottom entry Charge Mode Mode 3 fully compliant


Maximum Charge Current Programmable according to supply availability Load Sharing Dynamic load sharing between any number of Cityline 100 units configured as a load sharing group Load Sharing Groups Unlimited number of load sharing groups can be configured Smart Charging Functionality Real time remotely programmable maximum charge current plus charge profiles which set absolute or relative time/current limits DNO Demand Management Future support for OSCP to facilitate Charge point integration with DNO supply and peak demand management systems.


Display 3 Bright Tri-colour LED display indicators Displayed Information SYSTEM Ready/Busy/Fault APPROVAL Approved/Pending/Declined CHARGE Charging/Charged/EV Fault Start / Stop Optional RFID fob, contactless Credit/Debit card & mobile app


Online Real time online authorisation only allowed Local Pre-Authorise Immediate authorisation allowed by local authorised user list and/or cache with online authorisation continuing in the back ground. Authorisation revoked and transaction is terminated if on line authorisation fails. Online with local Authorise fallback Authorisation initially online with fallback to local authorised user list and/or cache if server or communications are unavailable. Local Authorisation by local authorised user list only Free To Use No authorisation required. Chargepoint is “free to use”