VAS - Vehicle Activated Sign

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Product Description

Interactive Traffic Signs - Vehicle Activated and Variable Message

All our interactive LED traffic signs are built to order and can display a single aspect, dual aspect or multi aspect message (Variable Message Sign, VMS). A benefit of multi message VMS is that they can be used at various sites, operating different speed limits. We also manufacture 3 way prism signs and car park signs that can give the message that you want, when you want it. They hold the capacity to hold data for in excess of 500,000 vehicles, giving speed & traffic volume information.



Rotating prism and variable message signs:

  • Traffic signals
  • LRT signals (light rail travel)
  • Livestock crossing equipment
  • Signals
  • Railway crossing equipment
  • Airfield signals

Our interactive variable signs are able to display different messages in different conditions or at different times.




Methods of Activation:

  • Induction loop
  • Radar
  • Weight sensor
  • Height sensor
  • Flood warning sensor
  • Speed Activated
  • Weather

The latest data collection technology can be built in to allow the sign to be used to either survey traffic patterns or monitor real driver behaviour.




  • Improved traffic flow
  • Sustained long-term speed reductions
  • Reduce accidents
  • Regular road users avoid triggering the signs by slowing in advance
  • Speed reductions under posted speed limit
  • Speed reductions without enforcement
  • High driver approval rating
  • Low annual costs




Fully ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified by BSI across all our sites. We are also accredited to ISO 17025:2005, giving us the ability to test products ‘in-house’, and in line with UMSUG guidelines, greatly reducing the time needed to bring new unmetered products to market. We are also proud members of Members of the ARTSM, HEA, NHSS, ILP and HERS