3SIXTY - Retroreflective Reboundable Self-Righting Bollard

3SIXTY - Retroreflective Reboundable Self-Righting Bollard

3SIXTY - Retroreflective Reboundable Self-Righting Bollard

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Product Description

3Sixty retroreflective self-righting reboundable bollard is a passively safe non illuminated bollard designed to BS 8442 and crash tested to BS EN 12767. The bollard has been designed by a team of experts from the plastic and rubber industry with help and assistance from personnel who have over ten years experience in reflective bollard technology.

You can purchase a FOUNDATION CAGE or RETENTION SOCKET to fit the 3SIXTY by clicking on the GREEN the text below: 






There are a number of key features included within the  3Sixty bollard. These features offer a range of benefits to our customers making the  3Sixty perfect for commercial and highway applications. For a list of these features see the ‘TECHNICAL DATA’ tab on the right.

  • The 3Sixty is fully crash tested to BS EN 12767 achieving a classification of 100NE4
  • Designed with quality and cost in mind. The  3Sixty is proven to perform and is at an excellent price



Attack/Vandal Test

This test simulates a real world attack on the  3Sixty or an attempt to vandalise the product. The video shows how robust the product is not only under vehicle impact but also to potential damage from the public.


Hit and Reverse Test

This test was requested by the Singapore Government as it was thought most damage to the  3Sixty would be sustained when the driver reverses back off the product. Although there is no official test for this you can see the bollard rebounds back to its original position.


Impact Test

This is a test carried out hitting the 3Sixty bollard multiple times at different angles and with the vehicle wheel driving directly over the base.  The same bollard was used for all impacts.






  • Compliant to BS 8442
  • Fully crash tested to BS EN 12767 achieving 100NE4 classification
  • 12 year vinyl guarantee
  • 3Sixty has been value engineered to produce a highly competitive price without reducing quality standards.
  • Robust construction due to internally moulded reinforcement struts ensuring that the bollard shell does not compress which means no cracking or creasing of the rigid reflective material.
  • Impact and weather resistant synthetic rubber compound delivers a high level of vandal resistance.
  • Following impact or vandal rotation the rubber base will return to its correct orientation.
  • No springs or mechanical parts.
  • 3Sixty will absorb impacts from any direction.
  • An ultra low profile base is designed to miss low ground clearance vehicles which are often the cause of premature failure.
  • Fluorescent yellow reflective material provides high visibility night AND day.
  • Side reflectors are angled for additional conspicuity from the front and rear; they are particularly effective for vehicles turning into junctions which ordinarily would not catch the reflective panels on the bollard.
  • All graphics are recessed.
  • The recycled logo is moulded into the bollard shell to ensure end of life ‘recyclability’ advice.
  • A production date stamp is also moulded in to every bollard to assist batch recognition and tracking.
  • 3Sixty is easy to install by anchor cage but can also be fitted in to a NAL socket, retrofitted to redundant baselight housings and will fit directly on to a number of current reflective bollard footprints.
  • Rear reflective panels are standard with 3Sixty – no extra over required.
  • The rear panels are designed for visibility either side of a centre island column to avoid unnecessary wastage.
  • For optimum panel definition the bollard is standard in black but white is available upon request.
  • Easy to clean (no chemicals required)






Fully ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 certified by BSI across all our sites. We are also members of the ARTSM, HEA, NHSS, ILP and HERS.

Mallatite are a verified supplier on RISQS Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme.