Smart Lighting Column

Smart Lighting Column

Smart Lighting Column

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Mallatite Smart Lighting Columns are designed to seamlessly integrate a variety of intelligent components, allowing for the incorporation of connectivity units.

These modules can be combined and arranged in various ways, giving designers the versatility to adjust each unit as needed to suit particular requirements.

Alongside the standard connectivity units, there is the possibility to personalize other smart modules, granting them with unique capabilities. This can include, but is not limited to, motion and sound sensors, air quality monitoring systems, and more.

Utilizing the Mallatite IoT interface ensures refined device management, resulting in proficient and steadfast operations. This user-friendly platform facilitates seamless interactions between devices, enabling automated updates and synchronizations that ensure  all components function harmoniously.

The Top Module V3

Dyno (DYN) represents a cutting-edge, reflector-based optical technology that offers highly controlled and efficient light output. By combining different layers of reflectors, it becomes possible to create lighting solutions with various distributions and power levels, providing an added level of flexibility. Moreover, the innovative optical design conceals the light source, enabling efficient and uniform illumination while minimizing glare.

Floodlight Module

The floodlight module allows for targeted illumination of prominent features in outdoor environments. Whether it's highlighting a specific zone, emphasizing a statue, or accentuating a stunning facade, this component delivers precise and controlled beams, effectively drawing attention to desired areas. This module utilize Mallatite’s Hybrid (HYB) Modules, which provide highly optimized light distribution, well-defined beam and field angles, and minimize scattering, ensuring an exceptional lighting experience.

Street Lighting Module

The Street Lighting Module is specifically designed to illuminate narrow streets, pathways, and perimeter areas in and around public spaces with its asymmetric light distribution. To ensure optimal efficiency, this module employs advanced LED chips and lenses, enabling the provision of diverse light distributions. This feature enhances the versatility and flexibility of the module, allowing for adaptable lighting solutions.

  • 360 rotatable mix and match light and connectivity modules
  • Scalable and expandable product family
  • Easy installation and maintenance with modular structure
  • Standby solution for complete smart city applications
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