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The lightweight support system comprises a common plinth to which posts of varying lengths and configurations can be attached.


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The plinth is secured on four foundation studs.


The post is made of aluminium and is supplied to the required length. Offset configurations can be made to suit specific installations. It is easily installed by hand using a manual hinge fitting, then secured with six bolts to the top of the plinth. For heavier posts a hand operated hydraulic lifting device is available.

The bolts to mount the post to the plinth are provided with the plinth and nothing else is required. The normal method of delivery is to provide the posts with all signals and cables pre-installed.




The plinth can be installed without the need for heavy machinery, and can by lifted by two people using the side cleats. It is fixed with four nuts to pre-installed foundation studs. The plinth weighs 70kg and can by lifted by a minimum of two people using the side cleats as lifting points. M24 nuts used to secure the plinth to the foundation are NOT supplied and will need to be independently procured. The grade and material of these fixings will need to be appropriate to the studs provided by the foundation.


Posts are easily erected with hand-operated tools.