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Reduce your carbon footprint with our most advanced self-righting traffic bollard

The Solar DuraFlex is no ordinary traffic bollard, in fact it’s one of the most advanced pieces of traffic signage on UK roads today!

Packed full of British engineering and state of the art technology, the Solar DuraFlex is a highly visible retro-reflective self-righting traffic bollard with the additional benefit of a super energy efficient LED internally illuminated sign face.

Fully compliant to all relevant British Standards and authorised for use on all UK roads, the Solar DuraFlex is the environmentally conscious choice for locations where an illuminated traffic bollard is needed.

Versatile and easy to install, the Solar DuraFlex is totally self-contained and compatible with a wide variety of installation options. It can be simply bolted down to a suitable foundation, installed with a compatible ground socket, or even fitted over a redundant base light using a conversion plate.

“We all have a commitment to reduce carbon emissions and take better care of our environment, and this is why we developed the Solar DuraFlex. The cost and environmental savings are clear. Our new bollard is completely self sufficient, needing no external power, therefore creates no energy related carbon emissions and of course no energy bills.”

The Solar DuraFlex features three highly efficient solar panels that charge the on-board batteries via an intelligent regulator. The solar panels act as a photocell activating the LEDs to deliver a fully automatic dusk till dawn illuminated traffic sign. The non-spillable batteries are enclosed in a removable battery pack allowing for easy access.

Built to be passively safe, the new Solar DuraFlex traffic bollard has been thoroughly tested and verified. Following a variety of type, angle and speed of impact the Solar DuraFlex returned to an upright stance, time after time…after time…after time.

No external power neededSolar charge regulatorAccessible battery pack
Automatic dusk till dawn operationRetro reflective panelsInternally LED illuminated sign face
Recyclable bollard shellFully BS EN 8442 compliantOutstanding visibility