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Mallatite Prolectric LED Lantern Range

With the initiation of legislation for planned separation from fossil fuels, forward-thinking businesses and authorities can protect their functioning operations from future price increases.

There are many factors determining the UK's reliance on gas and electricity, with global events having an impact on the energy market we are liable to a sector that is highly unpredictable. Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine has only worsened these circumstances, as a result, prices are rising, and market volatility is increasing.

The Good news is the implementation of Renewable Energy sources can help cut energy costs.

At Mallatite we offer a variety of products that use renewable energy to power operations, while simultaneously ensuring that environmental goals are met.

The Prolectric range leads the market in solar lighting for streets, car parks, and footpaths. In 2011, we were the first company to introduce solar-only permanent street lighting to the UK, and since then we have installed thousands of units throughout the country.

Using our innovative Remote Monitoring, Maintenance, and Reporting Service (RMS), you can monitor and maintain features from any location. In addition to being able to program on/off times, our remote monitoring tools allow you to actively manage your unit.

In real-time, users can monitor units' operating conditions and respond accordingly. Additionally, we can customize and integrate our reporting system with your existing management software.

As part of our reporting interface, we provide the following information:


-Light status

-Battery state of charge

-Energy generated

-Energy consumed

-CO2 saving

-Diesel saved

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Mallatite Prolectric LED Lantern Range | Solar Powered Street Lighting