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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Business Statement

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Business Statement.


At Mallatite we are closely monitoring the status of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK and the potential adverse impact this could have on our business.

We have put into place a number of measures that will help us to limit the disruption to services whilst protecting our employees, supply chain partners, customers, and the communities in which we operate should the spread of coronavirus continue. Our risk team is reviewing this daily to ensure we are adapting and prepared for what is a fluid situation.

For all our customers and suppliers, we’d like to ask for your support in helping us to minimise any impact.

Please notify us immediately of any:

  • Possible employee cases, indicating the steps you have taken to prevent transmission this will enable us to take the appropriate action.
  • Impact on your supply chain that could prevent the delivering of the services (i.e. unable to obtain the provision of goods or materials).

We shall continue to work closely with all our partners and of course our employees to help reduce the risk to business activities.

We undertake to notify you immediately of any risks and cases that we uncover at any of our sites that may directly affect your business.

To help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, please follow NHS guidance on infection control and prevention and refer to Public Health UK guidance (see links below)



18th March 2020.