Speed Indicator Devices - Viasis Basic D

Product Description

Innovative speed displays for effective road safety

viasis (stands for: via “speed information system“) refers to an innovative and radar-based information system for road traffic and road users. It identifies a speed display equipped with modern radar technology that increases road safety. The main elements of the product comprise of a powerful LED, a flexible mounting and a data capture system for storing and transmitting traffic data. The viasis speed display shows emoticons (with smiling or sad faces), speed limit symbols and LED digits that serve to provide drivers with feedback in real time about the speed at which they are driving.

“Children need special protection – this is also important in road traffic. Special precautions are especially important near primary and nursery schools. (...) Until they reach the end of primary school, children are unable to properly judge general dangers in road traffic and in particular the speed of approaching traffic.”






viasis BASIC D


The light-weight housing with a solid carrying handle makes it easy to transport and mount the viasis BASIC. In particular, the two-digit viasis BASIC is suitable for the use inside the town - no data collection and without any settings.





Adjustable parameters for min. and max. displayed speed, LED color change, blinking display

• LED color change if speed limit is exceeded • Data storage in a ring buffer (exact to the minute)

• Battery level indicator • Bluetooth (optionally)

• Lightweight and compact aluminum casing

• 2-digit high performance LED display with automatic adaption of brightness (digit height 23 cm / 9")

• Specially designed protection mask for excellent visibility even under strong sunlight 

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