Case Studies


The upgrades between Wetherby Road and Monks Cross Junction, once fully completed will increase traffic flow and shorten journey times.


As part of these works, engineers had to take into consideration the street lighting that was required both on approach and directly onto the roundabout. After carefully considering traffic safety guidelines, the solution selected was a Mallatite passively safe lighting column. Due to the positioning of the lighting columns, they will not be protected by safety barriers and are vulnerable to impact from vehicle collisions. The decision was made to introduce 10 metre NE (no energy) rated lighting columns. This would allow vehicles to lose only minimal speed during Impact and the column would then shear or breakaway, without acting as an obstacle that would bring the vehicle to a sudden stop. 


Mallatite partnered with Bouygues Energies & Services ( the installing contractor for the works, overall 58 lighting points were delivered and installed. The lighting columns were fitted using a retention socket, which allows quick and safe replacement upon damage. There is no cable slot as the cabling was introduced via the shortened base of the column. This means less interference with traffic management and a much safer solution for trained operatives. The columns were specially designed which included tapered tubular aluminium with a reduced root section. The column offers a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance, which also compliments the LED lantern.