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Mallatite and HAAS Alert Join Forces to Enhance Road Safety

HAAS Alert, the company with the world’s largest commercially-deployed V2X safety network powered by its Safety Cloud® digital alerting platform, and Mallatite, a market-leading UK manufacturer and distributor of traffic management and street lighting products, are pleased to announce a joint initiative to advance road safety through enhanced connectivity and real-time information exchange.

The collaboration between HAAS Alert and Mallatite aims to leverage their respective strengths to enhance road safety measures. By integrating HAAS Alert's Safety Cloud into Mallatite's intelligent road products, the partnership will enable the delivery of crucial safety information directly to drivers in real-time from within fixed road safety products.

Gareth Evans, Director of Business Development Europe at HAAS Alert, says, "Our mutual dedication to safety seamlessly aligns with Mallatite’s robust products. Together, fueled by our joint passion for protecting emergency responders and motorists, our aim is to pioneer innovation in road safety."

Mallatite's extensive presence in the UK market will play a pivotal role in expanding Safety Cloud's reach. The integration will allow Mallatite to offer in-car safety messages to a broader audience, contributing to the overall improvement of road safety.

"As we face new challenges and changing markets, our collaboration with HAAS Alert allows us to apply our drive and skills to penetrate new markets and elevate our product quality to exceed our customers' expectations. Collaborating with HAAS Alert is the perfect example of our commitment to improving road safety through the Mallatite IoT system" says Dan Clues Director of Mallatite.